Thursday, April 16, 2009


"Despite advances we have made in our modernity,
I still look into the stars at night and see eternity."
---Rose Moore, 4-16-09

It's a bracing feeling when you see the spring trees sprout new leaves again. But in the deepness of this tree-filled valley, the bareness of the trees in winter reveals a lot of sky I will not see when all the leaves return. I will have to travel to the upper lands above this place to look into the stars at night, unencumbered.

R.A.T. luxuriates in spring and summer; she loves the gardens, she soaks up all the daytime warmth and falls asleep to nighttime songs of tree toads and cicada. But still... she'll miss her easy access to the starlight.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Some members of the world community are saying the U.S. has ignited an unnecessary firestorm by killing the pirates to protect the life of Capt. Phillips, when we could have solved the problem quietly by paying the ransom.
That's what made the problem in the first place. Ransom is equal to extortion; if you give into it, there is no end to it; it will build and build and build...
Countries who feel our actions on Easter Sunday will wake the sleeping tiger should instead be pointing fingers at themselves. They fed the sleeping tiger very well and allowed it to mature and expand and grow very strong and dangerous indeed.
Our America is the only country in the world to face that tiger and announce: "ENOUGH!"
R.A.T. (Rose About Town) says RATS to all these naysayers.