Saturday, February 21, 2009


In my opinion, it might be wise for Barack Obama not to put every thought into words, and to muzzle his cabinet a little too. Transparency is one thing, and often a good thing, but in times like these, he's like a man hollering "Fire!"in a crowded theater.
(By the way, Mr. President, a law was passed years ago against hollering "FIRE! in a crowded theater, because of the deadly riots caused by such behavior as people clawed and stampeded to escape the "fire.")
Barack and his people should be building confidence and earnest effort, not paralyzing fear. Panic has pushed the economy rapidly downward; and constantly predicting doom can make that doom a self-fulfilled prophecy.
The same is true of news people, perhaps even more so, as they peddle fear to us night and day. At least one who needs to be restrained before we all crawl, cowering and crying with fear, under our beds is Glenn Beck (now moved to Fox). Listen to him, and you'll crawl into a fetal position and whimper like an abandoned baby.
(Look back on HOW NOT TO BREED CONFIDENCE, my blog posting of Feb. 10, 2009).
Thanks for listening.
Good wishes to you all from R.A.T. (Rose About Town)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's February, month of cabin fever, fewer days, and mercurial up-and-down weather. It's also the month when the days perceptibly lengthen and the sun moves higher in the sky and shares more functional rays.
Today, after a thaw has dispensed with the old, soiled snow, a new arctic express is dumping more of what we Ohioans call "lake effect," with winds that playfully toss the snow around and bring lively music from my multiple windchimes.
Okay, sue me... I'm still not complaining about the winter. I can see spring in the wings. The mourning doves have returned, and the blue heron soars daily again over the creek (though all he's apt to harvest is a helping of frozen fish).
Today in my emails, I've at last found some validation in my long appreciation of all the seasons have to offer. My friend Don Marshall, writing from Portland, OR, refers to it as "weather of drama." Thanks Don; you're saying it better than I ever thought of.
Soon, you who now complain about the winter chills will be the same people who complain about the summer heat.
Happy Days to you all, whatever the weather... from R.A.T. (Rose About Town), who is noticing February snow is far more attractive than February mud.


Soon our legislature will be voting on Card Check, the legislation taking away a worker's right to vote secretly on unionization.
In no way, in any direction, can taking away the secret vote be of help to the worker. A secret vote is always more apt to be a TRUE vote.
However, who will be doing the vote-counting? That's another story.
And when will congress try again to pass legislation allowing union workers to vote on how their unions are using the large sums of money they use in political campaigns?
Just thinking...
R.A.T. (Rose About Town)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The topic at the coffee shop and elsewhere today was the architectural wonder (as in "I WONDER what that is") unveiled in today's newspaper with the story and photo about the brain center being built in Las Vegas by our prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Itlooks like a pile of junk!

Why that design? was one question, and an answer coming forward in the conversation was "Perhaps the architect needs some brain work."

And why Las Vegas (Loss Vegas?) was another question, and the best answer among many might have been, "Perhaps that's where they need the MOST brain work."

The repartee went on and on... And so I can tell you for sure, that building will be unforgettable!

R.A.T.(Rose About Town) signing off with a giggle.

Cleveland Clinic new brain center


Monday, February 16, 2009


I like pork, as in bacon, ham, pork roasts, etc.
But I DON'T like GOVERNMENT PORK! And when those guys say the taxpayers don't really care about pork, they're in total disconnect.
Today, Sen. Schuman, a man who said we don't care about pork, took delivery of 1500 bags of pork rinds... sent to him from a radio station that asked its listeners to bring in a bag of pork rinds if they want the senator to know they DO care about pork!
What a waste of good-tasting pork rinds; do you think they'll serve it at their expensive Washington parties?
R.A.T. (Rose About Town)


In the presidential holidays surrounding us this month, I've been meandering through the books in my library that relate to U.S. Presidents.
One of my favorite quotes gleaned from many good presidential quotes comes from Woodrow Wilson:
"Every man who takes office in Washington either grows or swells, and when I give a man an office, I watch him carefully to see whether he is growing or swelling. The mischief of that is that, when they swell, they do not swell enough to burst."
R.A.T. (Rose About Town) wishes you laughter and wisdom; the two are often combined.


Ohio is planning to add more speed-photo cameras to catch more speeders at more places.
What makes us think---since the installers get a large percentage of the speeding fees---that the cameras will be properly calibrated?

So long for today from R.A.T. (Rose About Town), taking care with her foot on the pedal; she doesn't have $$$ to burn.