Saturday, February 14, 2009


We're growing older, Darling,
And our clothes are shrink-fit tight;
Dame Gravity is tugging at our skins.
And she won't give up the fight,
Though we struggle with our might,
Til our bellies have slid down to our shins.

But despite the surface rust,
The sinews of our souls have
Grown stronger as we've pressed the weights of Time.
We've grown more aware of living,
And a lot more self-forgiving,
As the lean of youth has mellowed into prime.

Oh, who can miss the summer
In these blazing days of autumn,
When we reap the fruits we planted long ago;
When our spirits pick up rhythm,
And the home fires burn so brightly,
Bathing we who bask around it in the glow.

---Rose Moore to Bob, Valentine's Day 1992*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yesterday our creek broke free of every last bit of accumulated ice and gorged itself on rain and melting snow; it's now full-bodied and rambunctious but still staying within its banks. So far.
Tonight, very strong winds from the north are forecast for sudden return of the cold, meeting with the warm, windy storms pushed up from southern storms. That's a recipe for trouble.
It should take our minds off the dismal topics of the news.
R.A.T. (Rose Around Town) hopes you're nowhere near the hard-hit areas of last night and today. And if you are, may God keep you safe.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Next time you hear the singing of our national anthem, will you hear a diva trying to "make it her own," sliding up and down the scales, adjusting the keys, changing everything but the words... ? That only serves to reduce the majesty, distract from the meaning ... A hymn is a hymn; an anthem's an anthem; both deserve to be sung in that manner. Forget "making it your own." It belongs to us all.


My mother taught me more than I realized until I was older and (hopefully) wiser.
For one thing, she often advised me that, when a loved one is ill or injured, you must approach the crisis with outward strength and calm. You must cover your fears, even if you have to pretend. You must instill belief in the patient so the patient can believe in himself. You can fall apart later.
I wonder if the president's mother ever said such a thing.
As a nation in trouble, we are afraid. We have lost our confidence and it has paralyzed us. Our fears magnify when our leaders address us with such sky-is-falling words as catastrophe, collapse ...
The knee-jerk reaction of our leaders has been akin to rushing into a hospital ward or emergency room and crying out, "If you're here, you must be dying; if we don't get you out immediately, it's curtains!"
A heck of a way to breed the return of our confidence.


Pay attention! The U.S. Census bureau is moving from the Commerce Dept. to the White House. Oversight of the Census should not be the White House; actually, it would be even better if it moved from its current Commerce Dept. role to a non partisan civilian oversight.
The Census figures have great influence over congressional districting, programs and distributions of funds, the electoral college...
Don't let this happen without making a lot of noise, and if it does happen or is already a fait accompli, STILL MAKE A LOT OF NOISE.
It's one more step toward bigger Mother Government. The same policy reflected in last night's presidential news conference when our president said only the Government is big enough to save us; only the government is big enough to create the jobs we need.
Capitalism, raise your defenses. I wish our new president well, but I will always speak out in defense of our system.
Don't let us slide into socialism out of fear. Don't let us be like the grown child who will not leave home and make his own way in the world because he's afraid to leave home and is afraid to let go of his parents' purse strings.
Fear sells a lot of things; don't buy it.
R.A.T. (Rose About Town), a capitalist and independent citizen through and through.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Our Ohio governor, Ted Strickland, has generally impressed me since he took office. But his school plans? I particularly disagree with his plan for adding 22 more days to the school year.
Sure, forget that a child gains some education in life experience in places other than school. Forget that a family needs time together. Forget that a child can burn out on the stress of what, I believe, is eventually going to be 12 months a year of school...
Rats! from R.A.T. (Rose About Town), a mother(now grandmother) who enjoyed her children and tried hard not to subcontract them out to other entities.