Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today, so they say, more and more American children and adults are obese.
Today, also, more and more of the domestic animals from which we produce the meat we eat are laced with hormones fed to them by the farmers so that the livestock will grow for the markets more cheaply and quickly.
Hmmm... Like the sports guys who bulk up on steroids, are we and our children bulking up steadily on the meats we eat.
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MILITIA BEN RESPONDS THROUGH GMAIL, basically saying I should go easy on the cows; our arses get fat because we're not smart enough to stop eating.
I'm not attacking the cows, Ben; they eat what you give them. I just don't want to share the hormones through dairy products and meat. Or their antibiotics.
But then, I guess I would't be happy grazing on grass either.