Thursday, July 23, 2009


Anyone who's followed this blog knows I sometimes complain about my dog insisting that I take him out for walks when I'm in the middle of something I find more interesting. They also know my dog sometimes ends up being thanked for the reluctant walk, because I often end up seeing things I wouldn't otherwise see.
On one recent evening in deep twilight, he hauled me out into the gloom and dampness. The clouds were all-encompassing and thick with dropping rain, yet as I looked up, these clouds seemed to develop an over-all glow in all directions. Like a bowl of neon.
I walked awhile, and as the dusk grew darker, I saw a brilliant, fiery sunset. Trouble was, I was looking to the NORTH-NORTHEAST; how could that be sunset?
I shared that vision with my husband, who said the color of a setting sun had probably been picked up by the clouds in the same way light enters a prism and throws the colors off in many directions.
Perhaps. His theory seemed reasonable. Still, it was magical and most unusual, no matter what the cause. Once again, I thanked my pesky dog.

R.A.T., (Rose About Town)reassures you that there was no fire in the region that evening to explain the red illusion Jack the Dog and I were witnessing.