Monday, June 15, 2009


Before you think about selling Americans on little cars, you might seriously think about establishing a separate lane for for all those huge trucks which clog our highways, overpowering us dangerously in size and making it impossible to see the view (and signs) ahead. To be effective, those truck lanes would have to be far left to help our visibility, or possibly on a separate highway.
Small-child car seats figure into the small-car quotient as well. How can a mother of more than one small child get them into a little car; how can she reach in and extricate them without popping her back out of place... ? (There's a reason young families prefer large cars, and we have the intelligence and ability and techno-savvy to come up with economical engines in larger vehicles... especially when we have incentives to do so).

While you're considering changes in health insurance, we citizens who support you financially also suggest that you forget about "universalizing" health care and changing retirement rules until all of you officials (and also public employees and unions) agree to accept the same formula that would apply to the rest of us... and to remove or tax your own perks in the process of taxing ours. We also encourage you to limit the coverage of such insurance to full-fledged citizens.
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