Thursday, June 4, 2009


Now that GM is breaking up and perhaps dissolving altogether,let me share with you the story of Big Red, my 1995 Cadillac (a GM product, of course).

It was a rainy but leaf-brilliant day in October of '95, and I was still working hard to recover from a serious brain hemmorage that had stricken me the month before. I was still confined to home, and on that day I noticed a brand new red Cadillac coming into the driveway.

The doorbell rang, and to my surprise my husband Bob told me I was the one who would have to answer it. As I opened the door, a young man handed me two sets of gold keys, then tipped his hat and walked to the end of the driveway, where someone picked him up, and away they drove. And there that beautiful Cadillac sat, alone in my driveway.

"What was THAT about," I wondered aloud to Bob. "Read the tag," he suggested. On one of the tags, in my husband's own handwriting, was a note: "Thank you for surviving. Love, Bob"

I wasn't able to drive the car until the following springtime, but each day---even in the snow---Bob would take me for a ride in it. By summer that year, it was also our magic carpet for a long, wandering trip through the American west. We followed our noses, with no deadlines and no set itinerary. Strictly gypsies, we were, and happy to be just that.

While we were away, an Amish family lived in our home with our dog until our return. They thought they had the best of the bargain, but in my mind, nothing could have been more wonderful than our own leisurely, adventurous summer trip in Big Red.

So good luck, General Motors. Please don't get rid of the Cadillac Division... and especially, don't sell it out to an overseas company, especially China.
R.A.T. (Rose About Town)