Thursday, April 2, 2009


We haven't had as many birds as usual around here since the 2006 floods. This year will obviously be an exception. Birds of all types flying around two-by-two collecting nesting materials. (Now I'll REALLY be happy if my kingfishers return).
Bob really appreciates birdsong. Year before last (when he got those fancy digital hearing aids that really work), he started a new summer habit. With our second cup of coffee every morning, we'd sit in chairs in the green outdoor shade of our valley, just listening.
He hadn't hear morning birdsong or the night-time sounds of tree toads and cicada for many years.
Rather a miracle. I'm glad our local noise ordinance forgot to include the birds. Or the cicada. Or the tree toads.
R.A.T. wishes you a beautiful day, wherever you are.