Monday, April 20, 2009


Dear Mr. President

I hear your family has a dog. I hope it isn't "theirs" alone (Michelle and the girls). I hope it's truly your dog too.

A president needs a dog. A dog will love you, come what may, unless you're mean to him; and sometimes even then.

A dog will listen patiently while you talk about your troubles of the day. A dog will watch quite carefully to see if you are ill or troubled.

A dog will greet you with affection when you return, whether it be from a talk with Congress or a tour across the seas or simply from a corner restaurant.

A dog won't care about your party or your policy. A dog will simply want the best for YOU and everyone you love. A dog won't care about opinions of the outside world; he will simply care about YOUR feelings.

A dog won't see you as the world sees you; he will see you as a human being, the person utmost in his world and sensibilities.

A dog will rejoice when you rejoice; rest when you rest; worry when you worry; mourn when you mourn; he will purposely fine-tune his senses to your needs.

A dog will make your world a better place than it could be WITHOUT a dog.

You cannot buy affection from a dog; you can only earn it.

Love your dog and be a proper master, and your dog will do the same for you.

Good wishes to you, your family and your dog from R.A.T. (Rose About Town), whose world has been adorned by dogs for many years.