Monday, April 20, 2009


We were sitting in our favorite coffee shop this a.m., watching the wind and rain outside the window, when the owner walked over to our table.
She declared with a mischievous grin: "A man was waiting outside the men's restroom, and I told him, 'It's okay to use the women's restroom, as long as you put the seat down when you're done. We don't like falling into the toilet!'... I was serious about that. Do you think I'm bad for saying that?"
I guess you'd KNOW my answer to that, when I tell you I raised three sons. That means I was the only girl in the house for many years, among four males.
By the way, when that man came out of the ladies' room, it turns out he was a tall, handsome, well-dressed guy indeed. He smiled at us, winking as he passed our table and informing us: "I put the lid down."
I think the proprietor and I agreed---that guy is welcome to return whenever he pleases.