Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I see in the paper... a "surprising" uptick in housing construction (led by apartments). The apartment construction might be because so many families have been dispossessed of their private homes.
But what catches my eye is that only the western U.S., which led the housing boom and then the bust, has not shown that same construction increase.
I can't help thinking, that very area of our country is full of eco-radicals, and yet they never cease to build huge neighborhoods in areas (like Arizona) that have water problems, and areas (like California) where so many houses are built in scenic treed woodland areas and are thus prone to loss by forest fires.
Deserts are meant to be deserts; if you settle in desert areas, don't try to grow green lawns and trees or fill your outdoor swimming pools or build your golf courses and fountained casinos...(and then cry for our Great Lakes water).
Forests are meant to be forests, and prairies are meant to be prairies; don't tuck your wood-studded homes at the edge of, or in the middle of, prairies or evergreen groves or at the edge of national forests... or for that matter, on scenic slopes that are prone to mudslide. Beautiful view or not.
Same goes for seashores and flood plains that are prone to hurricanes. The policy there should be: Uncle Sam rebuilds for you once, then you're on your own; insurance and all.