Thursday, March 26, 2009


In a small but significant way, my husband Bob is back in the building business, recession or not.
For two years, a pair of Carolina wrens have tried to raise their brood on our front porch, and for two years they've failed. The first year, they built their nest in a basket of greenery on top of the decorative milk can. My dog tipped it over, and the result was catastrophic. The next year, they built their nest in the pine wreath over the door; the nest didn't survive our exits and entries through that door.
Yesterday, we noticed they're trying to establish a nest in a pot of plants at the edge of the porch; that's entirely too close to the nose of a certain curious dog.
Bob immediately researched the specific requirements for a wren's nest and began right away on that project. Today he'll install it near the corner of the porch, which seems to be an attractive location in the eyes of the wrens. It will be prudently perched out of the reach of our dog's nosy nose.
We feel we've done our civic duty for this pair of formerly homeless birds who have been trying so hard to socialize and raise their broods around us. We hope they'll love their new home; we'll do our best to be good neighbors to them.
R.A.T. (Rose About Town), along with her very own Bob the Builder, will be waiting for birdsong.
She's also wondering... Do you suppose zoning and building permits will soon be required for this?