Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Among Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata's many science experiments aboard the space shuttle is his heroic testing of anti-stink, anti-bacterial, anti-sweat, anti-irritating, body-insulating UNDERWEAR! (The guys who developed UnderArmor exercise attire may want to keep an eye on this).
Wakata is trying to see how long he can wear his special under-britches before they start to stink. The experimental under-clothing, called J-Ware, has been designed to absorb water, kill bacteria, and also insulate the body and dry quickly. The underwear is seamless too, to reduce any chance of irritating the intrepid space hero's tender skin.
Apparently it does all of the above, because as I post this blog today, I hear that he has successfully worn those underpants comfortably for a week... with no discernible odor, sweat, wetness, germiness or rash.
The shuttle was obviously a perfect spot to test the clothing, since laundromats are not available in outer space.
Do you think this might do the same thing to his image that adult diapers did for aging movie starlet June Allison? Ah, the pains and perils of being permanently type-cast.

Your blogger R.A.T. (Rose About Town) will have a different attitude now as she and her dog watch the night sky carefully when the shuttle is scheduled to pass overhead.