Saturday, February 21, 2009


In my opinion, it might be wise for Barack Obama not to put every thought into words, and to muzzle his cabinet a little too. Transparency is one thing, and often a good thing, but in times like these, he's like a man hollering "Fire!"in a crowded theater.
(By the way, Mr. President, a law was passed years ago against hollering "FIRE! in a crowded theater, because of the deadly riots caused by such behavior as people clawed and stampeded to escape the "fire.")
Barack and his people should be building confidence and earnest effort, not paralyzing fear. Panic has pushed the economy rapidly downward; and constantly predicting doom can make that doom a self-fulfilled prophecy.
The same is true of news people, perhaps even more so, as they peddle fear to us night and day. At least one who needs to be restrained before we all crawl, cowering and crying with fear, under our beds is Glenn Beck (now moved to Fox). Listen to him, and you'll crawl into a fetal position and whimper like an abandoned baby.
(Look back on HOW NOT TO BREED CONFIDENCE, my blog posting of Feb. 10, 2009).
Thanks for listening.
Good wishes to you all from R.A.T. (Rose About Town)