Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's February, month of cabin fever, fewer days, and mercurial up-and-down weather. It's also the month when the days perceptibly lengthen and the sun moves higher in the sky and shares more functional rays.
Today, after a thaw has dispensed with the old, soiled snow, a new arctic express is dumping more of what we Ohioans call "lake effect," with winds that playfully toss the snow around and bring lively music from my multiple windchimes.
Okay, sue me... I'm still not complaining about the winter. I can see spring in the wings. The mourning doves have returned, and the blue heron soars daily again over the creek (though all he's apt to harvest is a helping of frozen fish).
Today in my emails, I've at last found some validation in my long appreciation of all the seasons have to offer. My friend Don Marshall, writing from Portland, OR, refers to it as "weather of drama." Thanks Don; you're saying it better than I ever thought of.
Soon, you who now complain about the winter chills will be the same people who complain about the summer heat.
Happy Days to you all, whatever the weather... from R.A.T. (Rose About Town), who is noticing February snow is far more attractive than February mud.