Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday was quite a day on the Hudson River in New York City. As a former pilot (small planes) I marvel at the pilot who made the perfect landing, despite the circumstances.
When all the stories are told, I'm sure you'll find a lot of credit due as well to the crew, the passengers, the rescuers... and even to the lessons in cooperative management that were learned as a result of 9-l1.
Now I wonder, will PETA complain if someone takes strong anti-bird--(in this case, so I have heard, Canada geese)--measures around airports, despite the fact that this "endangered" species endangers air travel everyday around runways.
Makes me think of something I witnessed in the Northwest in the 1990s, when geese were causing swimmers at beaches to be plagued with skin-burrowing parasites in high numbers, and officials tried to relocate them. (The geese, not the swimmers)
Crowds of PETA people came between the geese and the people attempting to round the geese up. The protesters marched with signs such as "Geese are people too" and "You may be breaking up a goose marriage. They mate for life"...
Why is common sense UNcommon in the human species? That characteristic, in its disappearance, endangers US.
R.A.T.... (Rose About Town) known today in this sub-zero valley as Olde Colde Rose!