Monday, January 19, 2009


Some of us may not admit it, but tomorrow most of us will probably be taking in the hoopla surrounding the most expensive U.S. Presidential Inaugural in history, with dark economic clouds as a backdrop. The balls and parties and the majesty of the inaugural ceremony itself could seem almost anti-climax, considering the activities and events surrounding "The Obamarama" have been simmering in Washington, D.C. all week.
One thing that pleases me is that there are still some WW II Tuskeegee Airmen alive to see this day, and to be present for special recognition, by invitation. I've met and talked with some of these guys, and to this day they seem a special breed; it's them I'll be watching for most of all.
Weather predictions have used the words "snow"..."windy"..."rainy mix"..."cold"... In contrast, my "loge" at home will be quite warm and dry. (I hope the aging Airmen have been given special heated viewing spots).
The Hudson River "miracle" pilot Chesley Sullenberger will be there as well, with family and crew, by presidential invitation. Well deserved.
But I wouldn't have been surprised if Sullenberger had declined the invitation with a "Thanks but no thanks; I've been in ENOUGH cold water in the past week."
It IS historic, and you might as well tune in, my fellow taxpayers; you're paying for it.