Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My brother, Old Northwest Philosopher Ben, said he sat up and took notice when Nancy Pelosi decided contraceptives would be a good stimulus package item.
"I'm the sixth born into our large family," he reminded me. "How could I look at that kindly?"
And, he suggested, if Pelosi really wanted to stimulate the economy, she should have campaigned to have a "Cigarettes for Elders" project added to the package, along with money for programs to encourage young immigrants or new babies. (The cigarettes to send the elders off sooner; and the new-baby-and-young-immigrant stimulus to offset the imbalance between Social Security receivers and young workers paying into the fund).
Ben, by the way, is an elder himself; still working, however; still doing his part to bolster the stimulus package and the Social Security fund.
Cheers to you, little brother, from your grateful older sister "R.A.T." (Rose About Town), who's collecting Social Security.