Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hello, bloggers

This is a first time ever blog for me, as the result of a christmas gift from my youngest son, who for the past few years has been drafted by me as my computer guru. It's he who dragged me kicking and screaming onto the internet, despite my years of protest against that entity. The greatest help it provided from the start was membership in, which solved some mysteries in our family tree.
When it comes to news, I don't look on the internet. I don't trust what I read on the websites; I will always get my news from the printed newspapers, where honesty, truth and careful research are still a valued commodity, and show biz and news work haven't become a blended commodity.
Here I sit this wintry day in my winding, twisting valley, with the snowy outdoors looking like a Currier and Ives painting. My valley in this weather separates my true friends from the others; you have to really care about me to risk navigating the winding turns... over the river and through the woods to THIS Granny's house.
Through my blogs, however, you can connect to me easily, friend or foe.
I won't be a news-type blogger; I still believe that newspapers do that better, and that's where most of you get your research; it was first done by print journalists! And then you often warp it and mix opinion and fact so carelessly that it's hard to tell them apart.
I will include personal comment, but mostly reflections and sharing things I enjoy.
Merry Christmas to you all.