Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In the news today I watched an interview with high-buck couples lamenting that the arrival of hard times has made it impossible for them to proceed with a planned, expensive divorce. I say it's best to try to choose your partner more carefully than you would when entering a business merger. Joys are multiplied and sorrows half when shared with someone you love and have loved for a long time.
Relative to that, I share this mini-poem written for my own partner after 48 years of marriage; it could be our anthem:


Prenuptual agreements
and separate attorneys
are a modern must;
To mark what's hers,
record what's his,
is only just.
Invasion of
each other's space
is soundly cussed,
And separate person-ness
a virtue of
the upper-crust.
No blend of souls
and psyches--
that's a bust!
But we were born
too soon to
understand that fuss,
For You are You
and I am I
and we are Us,
And everything we have
belongs to Us;
including Us.